Aroeira is an excellent specie at and around the water level. Since the ancient Jesuití churches, Aroeira is used as the construction pillars under the churches. After a couple of hundred years, the Aroeira posts are still in excellent condition. Thatís why ROQUE VALENTE recommends Aroeira to be applied at and around water areas.


Aroeira is extremely hard (14170 Janka hardness at 12%) but thatís not the main reason for its resistance. The natural sapwoodresins are the main reason for its resistance against downgrading. In this respect its main competitors are the Brazilian Itauba (yellowish and more expensive), the African Azobe and to some extent Bankirai, Basralocus and of course Angelim Vermelho. The latter however, is due to its penetrate odor definitely not appropriate to be used as a fine outdoor decking. For more comparison please check the technical data sheet for most common species.


Roque Valente SRL is one of the very few able to supply Aroeira and Barauna, both splendid species at and around water level.


Massaranduba is better known, Aroeira and Barauna are yet unknown species, which definitely is a great opportunity to buy due its accessible price (at least for the moment). Also, both Aroeira and Barauna tend to crack to a great lesser extend than the better-known Massaranduba.


Some people tend to confuse Muiracatiara (tigerwood) with massaranduba, aroeira and barauna. The color might be the same apart from the typical tiger-design, however, a red Mercedes is also not to be compared with a red Mazda. Muiracatiara tends to twist quite a lot and:













We therefore recommend Muiracatiara to be used asflooring only or as decking Kiln Dried only (but then the price/ quality is not competitive compared to Barauna)


Furthermore, Aroeira is as hard (Janka hardness 14170kgf) as Massaranduba. If it must be really hard we definitely suggest Barauna: 21770kgf!


Therefore, if you choose the typical color of hardwood (darkred), the resistance, and the best value for money; you choose Aroeira!


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