Like with any other company certain products we wish to promote while others don not seem to need additional promotion.


With discounts you as a client obtain competitive advantage dua to a lower price and we as a producer seek to:


          Optimum capacity planning

          Sawing mills tend to saw various widths for better return on raw material and minimizing quantities waste

          Optimizing capacity not only means better relocation of resources such as labor, but also a better planning of logging schedules and dirt road- transports

          Stable amount of customers in the preferred (width) mix

(no mill seeks to have one plank-width client only)



Product Discounts are possible at:

China: buying both 110 and 140mm in 1/3 and 2/3 ration

Spain thru its narrow deck such as 100mm

USA in principle as well, (3,5) however, 8 20 feet and cut by even feet is quite wasteful

Australia with 70mm deck


Keep yourself updated with our special offers!


Payment and ordering discounts:

          4 month and over pre ordering including starting from 3 month order opening a Letter Credit enjoys 3%

          like air miles, frequent clients earn a negotiable discount or a free trip to our mill and facilities (this seems to be very useful for employee buyers)

          as a pioneer we like to introduce new species and products, along with a pending order we reward a couple of m of the new product with a payment term or discount

          other discounts, please comment!



irresistible super hard barauna deck


barauna non biting enclosure


massive ipe hardwood lifetime gardenset