españa ipe deck, massaranduba strips!


Why Bolivian wood from ROQUE VALENTE is your best option:


1.      RELIABLE,





·          Bolivia is in the lead with the largest extension of natural tropical FSC certified forests worldwide


·          in this respect, non-FSC are close to FSC, since ALL wood is traceable and well managed, something Brazil all of a sudden now seams to implement


·          no Brazilian ‘IBAMA’ blues and no unpredictable ‘receita federal’ (IRS) strikes and moreover,


·          flexible foreign exchange practices so that discounts, rebates, refunds and an excellent tool such as performance bonds are really applicable.


·          ROQUE VALENTE runs its own two mills, depends on its own logging with its own Volvo trailers. No middlemen and no faulty equipment due to lack of financial resources,


·          ROQUE VALENTE owns its own diesel supply due to severe lack of diesel in Bolivia to ensure continues production


·          logs are custom-cut to prevent raw material waste


·          in short: great opportunity for first class deliveries of:

ipe decking

fresh cut – not reclaimed railway sleepers

ipe decking tiles

KD moldings

astronium flooringstrips

civil and marine

ranch fencing


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deck Barauna


ipe decking tile


civil and marine applications


USA Bolivian mahogany – Sirari deck

muiracatiara / tigerwood(astronium) flooringstrips on sale


deck ipe


bolivian oak molding, painted and barcoded!


ranch fencing


fresh cut – no reclaimed – railwaysleepers: Azobe’s preference! Janka 21770!!