Ipe deck tiles

An exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, ip (ipe) offers the durability of teak at about one-third of the price. Ipe tiles can be installed as either a permanent or temporary wood surface.


Cost effective, durable and easy to install, Ipe deck tiles are a great way to add style to your next project. Well suited for outdoor use, these tiles will age to a beautiful silvery finish or maintain their color when an outdoor sealer is used. Deck tiles are assembled with stainless steel screws


Ipe deck tiles are suitable for these and many more applications:

    Over existing concrete condo and apartment balconies

    On existing wood decks or cement patios

    Roof decks U.S. Class A Fire Rating

    Walk Ways Landscaping features

    Vacation Property Upgrades and Landscaping

ipe tiles straight slats standard measurements:

Slat Width

2.6" (6.6cm) boards

Average Wt. (tile)

12.5 lbs (5.6kgs)


19.685" (500 mm)


19.685" (500 mm)


1.18" (30 mm)

Surface Area

2.7 sq. ft (0.25m)



Pallet quantity

136 pieces

Container load

3808 pieces/ 28 pallets


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