In principle the number of products are unlimited. Roque Valente srl is a sawing mill with proper owned forests, and has its own drying and planing facilities.


Also, Roque Valente works solely with legal certified timber, unlike many Asian countries where illegal logging is rampant. This is not only important for the legality of the timber itself but also unexpected – unlawful – obstacles that are ruled out this way and strict deadlines are therefore possible. Working with illegal timber is always subject to unexpected delays, like with many loggers in Brazil.


Roque Valente has 7 years extensive experience in the field of export and owns its proper forests. It is the clients’ gateway directly into the forest.


Although we are able to produce a flexible number of products with unlimited number of different sizes, we produce mainly:

·          deck in Ipe and Barauna

·          moldings in Bolivian Oak, varnished and bar-coded

·          S2S AD and rough sawn of a number of species

·          Strips, boarings, pilings etc








Roque Valente is pioneer in marketing unknown species such as sirara, and barauna


Sirari is like Cambara a substitute for mahogany but much better in respect of similarity and its qualities. Sirari is a beautiful Bolivian hardwood known for its reddish brown color is great for outdoor decks and indoor ceilings. The beautiful wood grain and its better than average decay resistance and strength, makes it superior in quality. We therefore recommend Sirari deck to the USA market instead of the better known but inferior Cambara.



Janka Hardness (kgf):



Roque Valente Sirari



barauna is in respect of decking an ideal option due to its natural resins and resistance against fungi and marine borers. A comparison:



Janka Hardness (kgf):

Yellow Balu (bankirai)




Roque Valente Barauna


Roque Valente Aroeira