Quite often we receive inquiries from retailers, do-it-yourself (DIY) shops, clients that are not in principal importers.


Like in Australia for example, the hardwood market is dominated by a few importers often companies with a lot of money earned over generations and these importers are not always innovative.


The small retailer is tied to the importer and the end consumer as well. This results in few species and relative high prices. Roque Valente however, wants to sell new species and different products. By facilitating the retailer, in a way, Roque Valente helps itself.


The retailer, DYI or small carpenter is facilitated by:

          Payment term, starting companies will enjoy some payment term based on a marketingplan. This means that the client is able to sell before paying the exporter (Roque Valente). The better the plan, the longer the payment term. All we ask is a guarantee such as a Letter of Credit with a payment terms or a Standby.

          For initial importers, this website explains the export procedure step by step.

          Mixed orders is unlike other exporters possible

          While elaborating the marketingplan Roque Valente is willing to assist to help you make the correct decisions.

          Roque Valente is for example one of the very few that is able to ship lacked products and even provided with an individual barcode!

          Also, Roque Valente ships packs with different lengths so that it is not necessary to purchase a full container load in order to obtain a variety of lengths.


We are looking forward to receiving your proposal soon!




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