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Deck ipe España USD ASK

Deck Massaranduba USD ASK

Cambara look-alike but better deck USA USD ASK

Massaranduba flooring strips USD ASK

Ipe taco flooring USD ASK

Ready varnished and barcoded Bolivian Oak moldings

Massive ipe economy gardenset from USD ASK


Deck ipe España


Ipe deck thick 19/20 x wide 90/100, as little as USD ASK FOB. We do not ask you to replace your current supplier, however:

·          Unlike Brazilian practices, Bolivian ipe is legal and forest management is well organized which results in predictable production lead times and punctual dispatches

·          Only USD ASK FOB!

Average lead time is 6 – 8 weeks FOB


Latest update June 10, 2007

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Deck Bolivian Massaranduba - Barauna



Great massive dark red hardwood deck thick ¾” x wide 3,5” x long 6 – 8 feet and up. For the Gulf, Florida and West coast we ship from Arica/ Iquique, Chile, faster and cheaper! East coast is attended thru Santos. Our leadtime is around 6 weeks, we are looking for traders that do not want to depend solely on the better known but of a less quality Massaranduba

Our prices: USD 860 FOB. Also check our discounts!


Wood from ROQUE VALENTE means:

·          Cheaper USD ASK compared to USD ASK Massaranduba

·          Not only cheaper, but also much better durability:


Janka Hardness (kgf):





Roque Valente Barauna




Balau/ bankirai




·          Furthermore: Roque Valente works solely with legal certified timber, not like many Asian countries where illegal logging is rampant

·          Due to legal practices, lead times are more than reliable. Agents and clients are able to count upon delivery as confirmed by Roque Valente.

In short: Cheaper, better quality, LEGAL and reliable



Cambara look-alike deck but better USA


Originally, due to price and availability, Mahogany was substituted by Cedrinho/ Cambara (the same). However, Cambara structure is rather coarse. See here the difference between the species in a close-up picture. Also, its quality in respect of durability and resistance to fungi, termites and marine borers is not as good as the less know specie Sirari.


Superior strength, decay resistance, and uniformity in color make Sirari – also known as Bolivian Mahogany – the homeowners choice over its rival Philippine Mahogany. We stock only 100% heartwood, rich reddish brown, which makes for a unparallel look when comparing to any other solid wood decking.


Sirari is a relatively unknown Bolivian specie, which definitely is a great opportunity to buy due its accessible price. Also, Sirari is definitely not as coarse as Cambara. The structure of Sirari is as fine as Mahogany.

Furthermore, Sirari is double as hard (Janka hardness 7060kgf) opposed to Cambara (3900kgf).


Janka Hardness (kgf):



Roque Valente Sirari




·          Sirari is double as hard as Cambara

·          Sirari’s structure is as fine as mahogany

·          Sirari is better resistant to changing weather conditions

·          Also: as little as USD ASK per m³

·          As with all other species and products:

·      Reliable delivery times

·      Legal certified timber


First applicant we reward with an exclusive distribution starting from 2 container loads per month!


V" groove Sirari ceiling (with 2 coats of clear polyurethane)



Massaranduba strips



Sizes 31(28)  x 75(73) x 300/370/420/470/500mm (+20mm)

We are looking for 1 –2 container a month contracts.

Wood is AD, 3 or 4 faces clear, quality FAS, in principle fair spread.

Please also ask for other species, such as ipe




taco flooring





Any of the above species

10 x 50 x 200mm

solid massive hardwood


as little as USD ASK per m²





Ready varnished and barcoded Bolivian Oak moldings




Bolivian Oak is a great specie for the world wide market, for example in Western Europe, market share of Oak of total market is at least 70%. Bolivian Oak is a fine specie with a nice flame in its design. Its finish is also very nice and little twisting occur while drying. Nowadays it is getting more and more common that DYI ask their manufacturers for ready-to-sell products, which mean planed, lacked and even provided with a barcode!


There are just a very few manufacturers that are able (and willing!) to do this job. Roque Valente SRL is one of them. We would be happy to quote and are looking forward to receiving your designs at



Massive ipe economy gardenset from USD ASK




One way to avoid waste is to use all small sized planks for furniture. Roque Valente is not a prime furniture factory, however, it outsources its waste- production into fine furniture sets. This way Roque Valente is able to offer great value for money massive hardwood ipe garden sets for just as little as USD 150 per set:


4 chairs, robust 2cm thick planks, inside width: 54cm outside 60cm, height 80cm. Weight 16kg.

Small table 40 x 50 x 60cm

Quality life time use, wood does not need to be varnished for outside use. Ipe quality!


Most buyers make a trail order of 20 sets along with another order. Please note that chairs can be disassembled.