installed beautiful tiger flooring

muiracatiara/ tigerwood(astronium) flooringstrips


China market

S2S: 22 x 110/140 x 650/800/950-1900

S4S: 19 x 100/130 x 600/750/900-1800 

Standard lengths: 70% 900 long and 1/3 100 wide and 2/3 130 wide. Ask for any other size; we are a mill and are able to cut any desirable size!


German clients: 28/29mm thick x 75/80/85 wide x 300/370/420/470/500mm long or ask for other lengths, thick and width!



Update your home with the latest trends in hardwood flooring by installing the hardest wood flooring. Exotic wood flooring like this tigerwood floor is ideal for your special space, guaranteed to make your home feel richer and warmer, while its unequaled wood hardness ensures durability.


This exotic flooring features a wide range of tones, combining dark reds, browns, and nearly black hues to create a deliciously rich and smooth dark brown appearance. Graining varies greatly, adding a dash of character to your floors.


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tigerlog cutting in process