Terms and Conditions of Sale


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In principle we deliver according incoterms 2000 delivery mode FOB (free on board). In short this means:

·          Goods are cleared for export

·          Loaded on Carrier’s terminal in Seller's country

Please see more about FOB and incoterms in general



New clients are required to pay by a Letter of Credit and in some cases by a T/T transfer with a backup Standby.



Please check our discount page. In short discounts are mutual benefits such as:

·          Optimum capacity planning

·          Obtaining several plank-widths

·          Better planning of logging schedules

·          Stable number of (reliable) customers


Order quantity

Order quantity depends on the type of product and destination:


·          Decking 20’ container: 19m³ ± 10%

·          Decking ipe 40’ container: 22m³ ± 10%

·          Flooring 20’ container: 1000m² ± 10% 20’ container

See for sq ft amounts below


Variation of ± 10% depends on:

·          Specie; some are heavier than others. Check the weight per m³ at our technical chart

·          Sizes; especially longer lengths inhibit optimal loading

·          Moisture content; the more humid the heavier. When dried, a larger quantity can be shipped, however, what will be gained on the shipping costs, is lost on lead time and drying costs (± 50,00/ m³).

·          Before shipping, Roque Valente sends the goods by truck to the port. The truck is a flat fee service and size wise it is 260 wide x 1200 cm long with a maximum of 260cm loading height.



From our experience, clients prefer breakbulk shipment due to handling. When packs arrive they are easily loaded on your truck for its final destination. Unloading containers with heavy packs (up to 5000KG) has always been more problematic. From our experience, damaging is furthermore less likely when shipping breakbulk compared to containerized shipments. Therefore, wherever available, we recommend breakbulk shipment.  The following destinations offer breakbulk shipment:

·          Offered by seaboardmarine; the Mexican Gulf region, including Caribbean, Houston and Florida

·          Offered by grimaldi; Western Europe, including Emden, Hamburg, Tilbury, Antwerp, Le Havre, Bilbao, Lisbon, Casablanca


Small order quantities

Small orders are possible provided that the destination is one of the aforementioned serviced by breakbulk delivery. Amounts may vary starting from 5m³. Mixed species/ products orders available. For more incentives please check our retail site.



Quality is determined by the client and range from prime to 2nd grade according to two different international quality standards:

·          Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux ATIBT

·          National Hardwood Lumber Association NHLA



Packaging is also according to clients’ requirements, see a standard packaging, also possible is special packaging instructions with additional protection and plastic wrapping. Please note that all these requirements are always tradeoff.



Roque Valente SRL has a wide range of products and it goes beyond to name all products. We have our own facilities which means that we are able to produce any size, from any specie at (almost) any time.

However, most common products are ipe decking, barauna decking, cambara decking, tiles, flooring strips, posts, boarding, China- S4S and S2S (as well as rough sawn), Bolivian Oak- moldings, turnery and banisters.


Product design

It seems that almost every country has its own type of decking, post, flooring etc., please indicate yours’ at our design listing.


Sizes and conversions

Bolivia works with sq ft, while our trucks cross Brazil that require m³ certifications, and sales are also most often in m³, while some clients (especially US customers) are used to the sq ft measurement. Here some conversions:


1cm = 0.3937 inch

1 inch = 2,54cm

1cm = 0.03281 inch

1 foot = 30,48cm

1mtr = 39.37 inch


1mtr = 3.281 feet


1m² = 10.764 sq ft

1 sq ft = 0.0929 m²



1m³ = 424 fbm*

1 fbm = 2360cm³ (1ft x 1ft x 1”)

1m³ = 565 sqft (¾”)

1 sq ft = 1769 cm³ (1ft x 1ft x ¾”)

1m³ = 1130 sqft (”)

1 sq ft = 884,9 cm³ (1ft x 1ft x ”)

1m³ = 1000000 cm³




1 20’ container

1000m² (¾”) flooring = 10,764 sqft

1 20’ container

19m³ = 8056 fbm

1 40’ container

22m³ = 9328 fbm



Container inside-sizes




Standard 20’




Standard 20’




Standard 40’




Standard 40’




High cube 40’




High cube 40’





* fbm: foot board measure







click on the picture for a close-up

rough sawn packaging


break bulk decking shipment


barauna paraffin top end protection


truck loading in port’s warehouse


product design – deck/ antislip


we deliver contractors and retailers at an extremely competitive price a complete set of products!


last but not least: Bolivia is in the lead with the largest extension of natural tropical FSC certified forests worldwide