Why Did Christopher Gilbert Lake Closed?

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Chris Gilbert Makes Miraculous Recovery After Alleged Drowning, Family Seeks Justice

Chris Gilbert Makes Miraculous Recovery After Alleged Drowning, Family Seeks Justice

On with our news tonight. Well, it’s been described by many as a miracle. We gave you the first alert on 26-year-old Chris Gilbert who was allegedly pushed into a lake by one of his friends.

Chris Gilbert Recovery

According to family, Chris was submerged underwater for more than 10 minutes. Thankfully, he survived and after spending more than two weeks on life support, Chris’s mother says tonight he is officially off life support.

This is truly amazing. Take a look at your screen right now. This is a recent photo of Chris sent to us from his mother Yolanda. As you can see, he looks to be in much better shape tonight. He is still in the hospital, but his family says he is doing much better.

Off Life Support, But Battle Continues: Chris’s Family Seeks Justice

The incident happened a little more than 2 weeks ago in Farmerville, Louisiana. Chris was hanging out with friends at a lakefront restaurant when one of his friends allegedly pushed him into the water.

This left Chris with major brain damage and he was on life support, but according to his family, his health is improving.

Although there has been significant improvement in his health, his family is still searching for justice and answers. In the days of recovery with him progressing, it’s still a struggle, it’s still a battle because we don’t know day for day what to expect.

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Brain Damage After Alleged Pushing: Family Questions Racial Bias

And I just want his quality of life to be restored. I don’t want my son to have to suffer from something that that was not his fault totally.

It’s one black kid and a group of white kids that’s his friends and one of them pushed him into the water, but nothing is happening. Nothing is happening as far as justice in Chris’s situation.

Looking to the Future: Chris’s Long Road to Recovery

Well, right now there’s no exact timeline on when Chris will be released from the hospital, but his family says it could be very soon.

Community activists say they plan to continue fighting until Chris receives justice, including taking a trip to Union Parish to speak with law enforcement in the coming weeks. You can find updates on this story on thi website.

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