From Arachnid Arrest to All Clear: Museum Curator’s Turkey Trip Takes a Twist
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A curator for a world-renowned museum found himself in a sticky situation at a Turkish airport. Lorenzo Prendini, who oversees the arachnid and myriapod collection at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, was detained by authorities on suspicion of smuggling.

The cause of the commotion? Around 1,500 creepy crawlies – dead scorpions, tarantulas, and spiders – found in Prendini’s luggage. These weren’t just any eight-legged friends, though. They were all native to Turkey, making them especially valuable for scientific study.

The venom of these unique creatures holds potential for medical breakthroughs, like pain management or even cancer treatment.

Turkish authorities, understandably concerned about protecting their natural resources, detained Prendini under anti-smuggling laws. However, Prendini insists he had all the necessary permits to transport the specimens legally. Thankfully, a Turkish judge reviewed his case and cleared him of all charges.

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