From Micro-Preemie to Miracle: Tiny Nyla Defies the Odds
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From Micro-Preemie to Miracle Tiny Nyla Defies the Odds

Today’s heartwarming story comes from Jana Norman.

This little fighter, Nia, defied all odds. When she was born incredibly premature, a micro-preemie, she was tiny, weighing just as much as a can of soup. Born at only 22 weeks, her eyes were still fused shut, her lungs underdeveloped, and her skin nearly translucent. But Nia, a true micro-preemie warrior, showed her fighting spirit!

There’s a happy update this morning for two parents near Chicago. They’re finally home with their miracle baby, Nyla Brook Haywood. Nyla was released from the hospital where she spent her first nearly 6 months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) after a difficult preterm birth.

Nikia, Nyla’s mother, was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a scary time for any parent expecting a baby. Nyla, a micro-preemie, weighed just over 1 pound at birth with a mere 10% chance of survival. The doctors in the NICU prepared for the worst, but Nyla had other plans. She let out a tiny whimper at birth, a sign of her incredible fighting spirit.

Nyla Nation, as her dedicated medical team is called, rallied around her. A team of nearly 15 people dedicated themselves to Nyla in those critical first minutes and days in the NICU. Look at Nyla today! A healthy 10-pound baby girl with a bright future ahead.

When Nyla left the hospital with her parents, the entire staff threw her a going-home parade, wishing her a lifetime of good health. A big thank you to WLS and Chicago for sharing this heartwarming story. Nyla wasn’t just the smallest baby ever born at that hospital, she survived, she thrived – what a story of a brave micro-preemie!

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