Aven Flu Outbreak: CDC on Monitoring, Risks, and Protecting Yourself

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Concerns are growing around an Aven flu outbreak spreading in livestock across the country. Health officials are monitoring the situation.

Last month, the US reported the second human case of the virus ever and the first since this outbreak began. Health officials say the current public health risk remains low, but concern among Americans lingers.

CDC director Dr. Mandy Cohen discusses the CDC’s efforts to monitor the outbreak. They acknowledge the low risk to human health but emphasize the importance of staying vigilant due to the virus’s ability to mutate.

They detail various methods for monitoring the outbreak, including information from emergency rooms, wastewater surveillance, and working directly with farms.

Dr. Cohen addresses the economic and commercial implications of the outbreak on farms and farm workers. She acknowledges that farmers may be reluctant to report cases due to inspections.

She highlights the importance of building trust with farmers and mentions financial incentives offered by USDA to encourage cooperation.

Dr. Cohen discusses the possibility of unreported human cases. She assures the audience that the CDC has good mechanisms for detection and emphasizes the increased visibility compared to previous outbreaks. She mentions free protective equipment offered to farms and farm workers and warns against drinking raw milk.

The interview shifts to another topic – the maternal mortality crisis in the US. Dr. Cohen acknowledges recent improvements but emphasizes the persisting racial disparity in mortality rates. She highlights the importance of early identification of issues like high blood pressure during pregnancy.

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