Taiwan Trembles: Earthquake Rocks Island, Triggers Tsunami

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A powerful Taiwan earthquake rocked the entire island tonight, causing building collapse and creating a tsunami that washed ashore on Southern Japanese Islands.

Taiwan’s earthquake monitoring agency rated the quake at 7.2 on the Richter scale, with the epicenter near the city of Hualien.

A wave of about 1 foot was detected on the coast of an island near Okinawa. Experts say there is no tsunami threat to Hawaii or Guam.

Powerful Earthquake in Taiwan: Collapsed Buildings, Tsunami Warning (No Threat to Hawaii/Guam)

Initial video shows partially collapsed buildings in Taiwan and a Good Samaritan helping children get out through a window.

Authorities have suspended train service and subway lines, bringing a major source of transportation to a standstill on the island of 23 million people.

Video from a newsroom in Taiwan shows television monitors and lights shaking as some employees scramble for safety. The earthquake was so powerful it shook a news anchor earthquake who was live on the air.

She remained remarkably calm as debris fell from the ceiling. Right now there are no reports of any fatalities. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

Earthquake in Taiwan! Buildings Collapse, Tsunami Hits Japan
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