Who’s Got Next? College Game Day Breaks Down the Draft

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College Game Day crew here!

Up in the booth with Kirk Herbstreet, Desmond Howard, and our newest member, the legendary Nick Saban! Coach Saban, welcome aboard. Let’s dive into the draft. We were talking about the most intriguing prospect, JJ McCarthy, and the buzz around him.

El mentioned his potential landing spots and the analytics. Right now, he’s projected top five. Coach Saban, what sets him apart from the other top quarterbacks? They all come from different systems, with McCarthy under Jim Harbaugh’s traditional offense, heavy on run game and control.

Some might call him a game manager, but with three years learning from Harbaugh, that’s valuable experience. It’s all about fit, right? If Minnesota takes him with that fifth pick, it could be a great match with their current players.

He’s definitely different than Daniels, Maye, or Williams, who sling the ball constantly. Here’s the crazy part: Jim Harbaugh could control JJ’s NFL fate with that pick. And let me tell you, Coach Saban wasn’t calling McCarthy a game manager after seeing him light it up in the Rose Bowl!

Desmond, let’s shift gears to the wide receivers. QBs get the headlines, but there’s a potential receiver run in the top 10. Who’s your top pick?

Desmond Howard: The receiver pool is deep this year! It’s a close call between the top three: Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Marvin Harrison Jr., and Malik Nabers. But for me, Nabers takes the cake. Don’t get me wrong, Harrison is a star, but Nabers can turn short passes into touchdowns.

He’s explosive, runs with an edge, and brings a whole lot of attitude. Scouts rave about his hands, the strongest in the draft according to some. So yeah, it’s a toss-up between Nabers and Harrison, but Nabers gets the nod for me.

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Coach Saban, remember that LSU game? Nabers had a monster performance against your defense, while Daniels put up big numbers through the air and on the ground before the injury. Where do their strengths lie heading into the draft?

Nick Saban: Jalen Daniels is unique. He’s a fantastic passer with a Randall Cunningham-like ability to run. He can scare you with his scrambling. He throws a deep ball well, but when he breaks the pocket, he becomes a real problem. He was our toughest opponent in the last two years, hands down.

And Malik Nabers? He’s special. He’s a complete receiver, like a point guard in basketball. He can play outside, in the slot, and run after the catch. He’s the real deal.

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