Don’t Get Cheesy! Aldi Recalls Cream Cheese Spread Due to Salmonella Risk
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Alert! Now is the time to check your fridge for potentially contaminated Aldi cream cheese spread.

Wisconsin Shriber Foods and Aldi have issued a recall on certain Happy Farms cream cheese spread varieties due to possible Salmonella contamination.

This Aldi cream cheese recall is impacting 29 states this morning, including Wisconsin. The companies involved say this is out of an abundance of caution due to potential Salmonella bacteria that could make you or someone in your family sick.

What’s Recalled? Identifying Affected Aldi Cream Cheese Spread

Here’s what to check for in your fridge: there are a total of four Aldi brand cream cheese spread varieties: whipped cream cheese, chive & onion, regular cream cheese, and strawberry cream cheese spread. They all have various “sell by” dates that range from August 30th all the way through September 15th.

Stay Safe: How to Dispose of Recalled Products and Get a Refund

For more information on the Aldi cream cheese recall, head over to or the First Alert website under the safety desk tab. You can also call Shriber Foods at 1-800-644-5473.

Aldi and Shriber Foods say if you have any of the recalled cream cheese spread products, throw them away or take them back to Aldi for a full refund.

Previous Cream Cheese Recalls: A Reminder to Stay Vigilant

Just a reminder, Aisha also alerted you to a cream cheese spread recall last week affecting High Vee and Aabon. You can find that information at as well.

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