Listen Up! ABC7 Cicada Sound Cam Tracks Brood X’s Big Buzz
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ABC7 Chicago has launched a live cicada sound cam, allowing viewers to see and hear the emergence of Brood X cicadas in Maple Park, Illinois. The camera features a decibel meter to track the noise level as the cicadas become more active.

Morton Arboretum Expert Discusses Delayed Cicada Emergence

While some cicada emergence has begun, Dr. Stephanie Adams of the Morton Arboretum joined ABC7 to discuss the cicada phenomenon.

Dr. Adams explains that cooler soil temperatures have delayed a large-scale cicada emergence, but some early signs have been observed at the Arboretum in locations with warmer soil.

When Will the Cicadas Make Their Big Noise?

Cicadas are most active in the evenings as they are vulnerable insects seeking protection from predators. Dr. Adams addresses a common concern – the impact of cicadas on plants.

While they won’t harm vegetables or herbaceous annuals, cicadas can damage woody plants when females lay their eggs. The Morton Arboretum protects vulnerable plants by wrapping them in tulle fabric.

The cicada brood is expected to be active for about six weeks after their initial emergence. Dr. Adams recommends visiting the Morton Arboretum to experience these fascinating cicadas firsthand.

ABC7 viewers who missed the cicada livestream with Dr. Adams and other experts can watch the recording on the ABC7 website. The report concludes with encouragement to learn more about cicadas and a reminder to subscribe to ABC7 Chicago Eyewitness News for breaking news.

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