Apple Unveils All-New iPad Air & Groundbreaking iPad Pro
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Apple Unveils All-New iPad Air & Groundbreaking iPad Pro

We have a huge day of announcements ahead of us and it’s all about Apple Event – New iPad. I’m thrilled to tell you all about the new iPad Air. Let’s start with its brilliant Liquid Retina Display.

Users love the portability of the 11-inch form factor, which is perfect for tasks like jotting down notes while working on a project. Some Air users would prefer an even larger display for more room to work, learn, and play.

The New iPad Air: More Power and Portability for Today’s Users

So inspired by iPad Pro, we created a 13-inch model of the new iPad Air as well. The 13-inch Air has 30% more screen real estate than the 11-inch Air. The larger display gives users more space to express their ideas and apps like Freeform or to see more participants in a video call on Zoom.

It also provides more space to view multiple apps using Split View and iPadOS, and both displays have the same advanced features so all your content looks absolutely gorgeous.

We’ve also redesigned the iPad Air to put the front-facing camera on the landscape edge and it features Center Stage, which uses machine learning to automatically keep everyone in the field of view.

M2 Chip Delivers Powerful Performance for the New iPad Airpen_spark

So it’s perfect for connecting with friends and family over FaceTime or joining a video conference while using a keyboard. The new Air features landscape stereo speakers with spatial audio so it sounds great, and the 13-inch model has even better sound quality with double the bass.

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The new Air comes in four finishes: a new blue and a new purple, as well as a beautiful Starlight and Space Gray. And its durable design uses a 100% recycled aluminum enclosure.

Air users also love how quickly they can get things done, so we’re stepping up performance in a big way with the incredibly fast M2 chip.

New iPad Air Available for Pre-Order Today – Starting at Just $599!

So that’s the new iPad Air, now available in 11-inch and 13-inch models powered by the incredible M2 chip and featuring a landscape front camera and faster Wi-Fi. Double the starting storage, which is now 128GB.

We’ve also expanded the number of storage options by adding 512GB and 1TB. And even with all these upgrades, we’re thrilled that the new 11-inch Air still starts at just $599 and the 13-inch Air is just $799.

That’s a remarkable value for a device with so many advanced features and capabilities. You can order the new Air today and it’ll be available next week.

This is the all-new impossibly thin, incredibly powerful iPad Pro. It has a stunning new design, breakthrough new display, outrageous performance, and amazing accessories.

11-inch or 13-inch? Choosing the Perfect iPad Air Display Size

Let’s get started with its stunning design. We’ve always envisioned iPad as a magical sheet of glass, and with this new design, that vision is brought to life more than ever. The new Pro comes in two sizes: a new super-portable 11-inch model and a new expansive 13-inch model, and both are unbelievably thin.

The 11-inch Pro is 5.3 mm thin and the 13-inch Pro is an incredible 5.1 mm thin compared to the previous iPad Pro. The difference is striking. The new iPad Pro is even thinner than the iPod Nano, which makes it the thinnest Apple product ever. And they’re both lighter as well.

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In fact, the 11-inch model is less than a pound and the 13-inch model is nearly a quarter pound lighter than its predecessor. iPad Pro comes in two great finishes: silver and space black, both with 100% recycled aluminum enclosures, and it’s just as strong as the previous design despite being so much thinner. Just holding it in your hands is an unbelievable experience.

Now let’s talk about its breakthrough new display. With the new iPad Pro, we wanted to give customers an even more remarkable visual experience, and we did just that by bringing OLED to iPad for the very first time.

With OLED technology, the pixels generate both the light and the color for unparalleled precision. However, for the expanses of displays in iPad Pro, a single OLED panel doesn’t generate enough brightness to deliver the XDR performance iPad Pro users expect.

So we developed a state-of-the-art display that uses two OLED panels and combines the light from both to deliver phenomenal full-screen brightness.

This technology is called tandem OLED and it’s a breakthrough for iPad Pro. The new Pro can support an incredible 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness for both SDR and HDR content and 1,600 nits of peak HDR brightness.

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