UC Irvine Pro-Palestine Protest Turns Tense as Arrests Begin

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There is a growing pro-Palestine protest at the University of California, Irvine, where a group of pro-Palestinian students and activists have been camped out for some time now.

The situation escalated today when some of these protesters decided to occupy a science building, marking a significant shift in their tactics.

They are starting to arrest people. One person was just brought out, zip-tied, and the camp is being ripped apart. Police are moving in quickly, arresting people and dismantling the camp.

Faculty Member Stands in Solidarity, Arrested During Protest

Protesters are chanting “peaceful protest” as police make arrests. A faculty member at UC Irvine was also arrested. He says he was just supporting his students’ right to peacefully protest and doesn’t believe they are interested in violence. He feels the police actions are excessive.

Protesters Maintain Innocence as Dispersal Continues

The arrested professor sends a message of solidarity to the people of Gaza. More demonstrators are being arrested as the police dismantle the camp. Another person describes being arrested for a peaceful protest.

Situation Escalates as Crowd Grows

The report clarifies that the situation escalated when some protesters occupied a building. This led to a larger police presence and arrests. The number of protesters has also increased significantly since the news began reporting.

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