Miniature Poodle Makes History: Sage Steals the Show at Westminster!
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A very old hunting dog of unknown origin. Germany and France both had their poodles, but it was the French who made it their national dog. Poodles come in three varieties based on size, but they’re all one breed.

In this group, there are the standard (over 15 inches), the miniature (under 15 inches but less than 10), and the toy poodle (exhibited in the toy group).

Sage Takes the Stage: A Miniature Poodle with Big Dreams

This is miniature poodle number 16, Sage. The three-year-old female is from Houston, Texas. Last female to win in this group and the last female overall to win Best in Show was the standard poodle back in 2020 (non-sporting group).

Her handler, with a long history of success at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, is going for Best in Show with Sage, the miniature poodle, before she retires. So, the handler is no stranger to this ring! And listen to that crowd – they’re really behind this poodle!

“Thank you, sir. Way around perfection. Sage, the miniature poodle, has put on a good show. A couple more around the ring. This is it. He knows…”

Showmanship and Grace: Sage Wows the Crowd

“Goosebumps! Oh, I’m so happy for the handler! Sage showed beautifully, absolutely beautifully! The Best in Show winner at the 148th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the miniature poodle! So good, and that deserves a wow! Sage, the miniature poodle, coming up big when it mattered most!”

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“The handler, a dedicated miniature poodle breeder, has put so much of his life into this breed. He came to this country dedicated his whole entire being to this, and he came out on top at his last dog show, at his very last dog show!

A Historic Victory: First Female Miniature Poodle Wins Westminster

Oh, I’m so… look at him excited for him, waving goodbye! Good for the handler! A moment ago, Sage looked stunning, just stunning. The first female to win Best in Show since 2020. Congratulations and coming from RZ too, what an honor!

I mean, it’s just perfect, it really is! What a proud moment, you know, in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It’s you saw the best of the best. We said it yesterday that poodle looked perfect, and you know what, came here today and did the same thing, did the same thing!”

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